On the 1st place I want to say thank you to my mother and father for giving me the opportunity to own horses like I do and for everything else they are giving me and also for the GREAT background.


- To Petr Doležal for the whole year work with me.

- To Markéta Šveňková for her help and advice every time I need it.

- To the development store Dance and Jump for their great support for my sports.

- To employees of Horse Academy for help, care and looking after Kohen during the whole time of his illnes.

- To Monika from Horse Academy for helping me during competitions the whole of this season.

- To my friend Dominika Turková for looking after Coloman during my absence.

- To Zdeněk Žíla for the possibility of having a workshop there and for his training.

- To Renata and Monika Šíchovi and to Roman Drahota for offering me to ride their fantastic horses.