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1st horse:

Name: Coloman

Called: Koloušek

Age: 11

Date of birth: 6. 8. 1995

Colour: dark chestnut

Sex: stallion

Father: Cabdula du Tillard

Mother: Paloma from Behinstoun

Mark: star

My mother bought him and gave him to me to my birthday. His rider before me was Aleš Opatrný and he won with him ČSP.

2nd horse:

Name: Cinderella

Called: Popelka

Age: 1,5

Date of birth: 25. 5. 2004

Colour: grey

Sex: mare

Father: Castello


3rd horse:

Name: Kohen

Called: Kohysek, Kolibřík

Age: 6

Date of birth: 20. 5. 2000

Colour: grey

Sex: gelding

Father: Kolibri

My mother and father gave him to me for Christmas. It was very big surprise, because I didn't know nothing!!!

4th horse:

Name: Everden

Called: Krťa, Krteček, Deny

Age: 10

Date of birth: 1. 4. 1996

Colour: black

Sex: gelding

Father: Eiger