During the days 14th to the 16th of April 2006 the Dance and Jump team undertook another foreign departure. This time it was to Belgium to townlet Moorsele for CSI-D/J/P. The whole team was consisted of 2 riders - myself and Filip Doležal, accompanying crew - Petr Toman, Eliška Tomanová and Jana Doležalová and 4 horses - Kohen, Coloman, Rockina and Cohiba. Me, my father and Eliška we hit the road already on Wednesday afternoon but the rest of the team with horses in the evening. We stopped for the night in Germany but they drove nonstop. When we finally arrived on Thursday afternoon to our equestrian centre Zilveren Spoor, horses were already there and they also already went over a veterinarian inspection without any problems. There was a large send outdoor competition arena and a bit smaller send practice arena and great colourful fences.

    On Friday I started in the morning with Kohen. We begun on the height of 110cm and Kohen was jumping really well. Even though he was very fast in the end we were clear and directly the first day we obtained a wonderful 5th place!!! With Coloman we went course in the height of 120cm however he stopped immediately on the first fence. That was because my course speed was too low which in the end put me on the 7th place with 5 penalties. However, this was a success as well as the courses here were really difficult.

    The second day Kohen went first again. The course was still the same height as the day before which means 110cm. This day Kohen was more controllable then yesterday and we were clear again. This time we had better time which was enough for obtaining 4th place and therefore getting a ribbon and being very happy. Wtih Coloman we again went a course of 120cm in a rain and darkness. However, there was a triple jump which I never jumped in any other competition before. Well, the tripple jump was clear but after that he started running too fast and I didn’t have enough time to take him back and the distance on the other fence didn’t came out very well and I wanted Coloman to jump too far away from the fence which he couldn’t so he stopped and I fell down.

    On Saturday the jumps for me and Kohen went higher to 115cm and I wanted to win. My trainer allowed me to curtail my way as the competition was on time. This amazing horse was again clear and had the second best time. I was very pleased. With Coloman I made my qualification to Grand Prix of the height 125cm. That was the most difficult course I ever went and the jumps were really high. I had Coloman on bridoon, we made 3 mistakes and therefore I ended on the 8th place.

    I think that I can be very happy with my and my horses’ results. Both of my horses did a great job.